Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Real life... for girls only!!

“Parents are friends that life gives us; friends are parents that the heart chooses..”

Assalammualaikum and hello to everybody. Today, I just want to share a story about one book that I read eventhough not finished yet. Borrow from the library for two months ago, but only this week having time to read it. Ha ha ha… and just because Uncle Sigran told it after all of us having meeting yesterday to return it back.. The book title is “Chicken Soup for the Girls Soul”. This story very nice and I really like it. Especially the story telling the truth and some of the story and experience that happened to this girl are happened to me. Then, inside this story telling all about whatever u want. Only girl k.. So, if I remember the past, I will smile and some times laugh. Ha ha ha ha… that’s truth ok. Our life is wonderful.. veryyy…. One poem in this story that I like says:

Life is short
Don’t ever waste it.
Life is sweet
Take time to taste it.
Life is a journey
Find the right path.
Life is entertaining
Don’t be afraid to laugh.
Life is for good times
Make them last.
Life has its bad times
Put them in the past.
Life is a chance
Make sure you take it.
But most importantly
Life is what you make it.

What’s your opinion guys? Its truth right? I always repeat it bcoz it’s nice? Other than that, I also like one quote saying “Nobody can tell you how little you are – You decide how big you will be. So, what ever you want or will be, just be yourself. Because nobody know how pretty u are, how good u are, how great you are, and etc. if someone saying bad or laughing about your weakness, just ignore it. Don’t bother it. Actually they are ‘jealous’ with what ever we have u know. So, girls!!! Be yourself k..

Tomorrow, our IKBN will organize one big event which is ‘Sukan Masyarakat Asli’. So, it’s includes all around Malaysia participant. So, for this event I need to arrange registration for Masyarakat Asli for Negeri Perak, Goki take over for Masyarakat Asli for Negeri Sembilan, Dev for Masyarakat Asli Negeri Selangor and Ekin for Masyarakat Asli Negeri Pahang. This event will be held at our place start from June 30 until 3 July. Luckily, now student’s holidays. So, we free and don’t have class. Yahooooo…

After this event, we have another one event. Guess?? Ha ha ha… new intake for siri 2.. huhuhu.. one week their orientation. Uwaaaaaaa… become slim and solid loo… Nevermind, just do it k..

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