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Monday, October 8, 2007

Multimedia On The Web

1. A person handling another person an object (video)

2. Friends eating lunch together (video)

3. A person standing in front of a moving tank (video)

4. The sound of a monkey screaming (sound)

For this file i searched on yahoo again and put a sound format as the extension for example .wav. A website popped up which had many distinct animal sounds including that of monkeys. I found it at the
5. The sound of a train whistle (sound) This was found in google by typing the search string, "sound effects train whistle". One website had many differnt sound effects and i was able to use that one.

6. A picture of giraffe (image)

This picture was found searching on google and yahoo pictures by entering the querry "giraffe" and clicking the images button. 7. A picture of plate of lasagna (image)

The method was the same as above and at the excite engine but instead the querry was "lasagna" 8. Someone speaking the number ''three'' (speech) This sound file was found on an internet spanish to english, english to spanish dictionary that gives you pronounciations for each word.

9. Someone saying ''I don't know'' (speech)
Here i put sound effects i dont know on the metasearch engine and one website had the file "male -i dont konw.wva"
10. Sport game (animation)
11. any interesting animation (animation)

animation movie Udin & Ipin